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El Piano York

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Karl Austin
Brilliant food, the best burger I've had - and I'm a meat eater. The smoothie was really good as well. The staff were brilliant with our son and had noticed that we'd come back - as they did not open at the normal time due to a boiler issue.
James C
I stumbled across El Piano with a friend after a day of seeing sights. We immediately loved the authenticity of the place and it's relaxed atmosphere. Whilst most people were eating we only wanted a drink, I chose a hot chocolate with coconut milk and can honestly say as a non-vegan it's the best hot chocolate I've ever had. Vegan or not I have and will recommend to others that they try El Piano if only to sample the hot chocolate.
Louise Clarke
I love this place so much. The smell as you walk in, the laid back atmosphere, the choice of food which is all vegan! Always enjoyable and really tasty, Thankyou for existing :)
Henk Bovenkerk
Nice place, with good Coffee. You will get a lot of Coffee, around 0,5 liters. Healthy snacks and a good fibe.
j eC
This was the first venue I had the pleasure of professionally playing at as the piano player for a fabulous clientele - attracted no doubt through the passion to detail, creativity and love of Hispanic food and culture which was generated by such a kind group of hard working and friendly staff! This incredible centre of culture transformed my life and my belief in what English culture can be when we open up our minds. The food and drink is delicious and will make you happier and healthier in more ways than you realise I think! x
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El Piano York
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