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Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant

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Konstantine Mandalis
Food was great but the service is poor. Took 25 minutes to get some sour cream. And we didnt get offered dessert menus afterwards. No one even collected our plates.
Ben Gilling
The waitress kate is gorgeous love to add her on fb if I new her name
Sop Lim
the waiter stunk and the price "rip off" never going back
Maria Cal
Delicious, clean, helpful staff. Reasonably priced. Thoroughly enjoyed it being from sydney and all
Morgan McDougall
Worst restaurant EVER! Our service was horrible. It was super slow and when she did bother to come by she was condisending, rude, an MEAN! Apparently they due not smile in Mexico or speak to each other nicely. Drinks are over priced, bad, and painfully slow to get. After an intolerably long wait for the food it came. Only they forgot one meal and it happened to be mine and be my birthday (not happy). So finally it arrived only to taste sub par, bland, boring, and unauthentic. After our HUGE bill came we were finally able to leave. Taco Bill couldn't be a better name for how over priced it is. We ran away. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!
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Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant
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