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Tea House (Chai vav fabrikata)

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Ronald Harvey
This is a fabulous place. Great food and lots of relaxing atmosphere. Wish it stayed open later and longer.
Violeta Stoianova
Tasty, healthy food, nice atmosphere, very beautiful garden. Relaxing and calm, a good place to meet and talk with friends.
Таня Цветанова
The food is quite good. The vegan chocolate cake is quite delicious. The drinks are good. But the service is awful. We were there on a Wednesday. I especially checked the working hours - they should work until 22.00 p.m. First, when we arrived, we sat in the garden. We waited for some time and no one came to take our order. I did go inside and asked - they told me that the garden is self-service so we decided to sit inside. Well, we waited for at least 10 minutes for the bartender/waitress to come and take our order. She and the cook were at the bar talking with some guy. The restaurant was nearly empty. My friend finally got frustrated and did go to them and asked them to come and take our order. The food arrived fast and was good. Then at 19.58 p.m. she came and told us " You know that we close at 20.00 p.m., right?" WTF?!!! I still haven't finished my desert and my drink but we had to leave. It was quite rude. We really liked the food but because of the terrible service I will not go there ever again and I would not recommend it to my friends.
Gustavo Garcia
great atmosphere to relax and feel good, very good service and delicious food - the raw salad, carrot soup and the zuccini panckaqe were all incredible! they also have a great selection of teas. highly recommended!!
Svetla Encheva
Nice place, tea, sometimes live music... And great ginger lemonade :-).
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Tea House (Chai vav fabrikata)
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ul. "Georgi Benkovski" 11, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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