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Teng Bespoke Vegetarian Restaurant

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AndrewPoh Poh
Food is not too bad but expensive but the experience is also marred by rude waitress.
Nihir Morzaria
This is a vegetarian haven.. the food is really good and the option are endless. It's worth finding this hidden gem and trying a few dishes. The only downside is the prices are a bit high.
Nidhi Goyal
Good option for vegetarian sushi !!
Koh Hd
Food was alright, depending on what you order. However, what we ordered wasn't that nice. The kaki udon was just a combo of carbohydrates, making me feel really uncomfortable after the meal. Although the avocado maki was good, it would be great if you ask what exactly is the dishes before eating. ( no offense )
Julie Trubkin
Located in a nondescript building, it's a little difficult to find, but so worth it when you do! Follow the students — there must be a school near by as there are always students heading in this direction. This place is very exciting for a vegetarian. A Japanese menu that is entirely vegetarian?!!! It's unheard of. It's fun to be able to order whatever you want and not have to worry about whether there is meat or fish in the dish. Staff are friendly though they don't speak a lot of English. Portions are fairly generous and prices can be a bit high, but it's definitely worth checking out for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
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Teng Bespoke Vegetarian Restaurant
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