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Original Sin

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Karthik MSwamy
Great ambiance, good service. Very difficult to find this place.
Dipti Acharya
Too expensive for a small quantity. Not worth my money or time. Heard so much abt this place but soooooooo disappointed
Trabble Explorer
Original Sin is an established restaurant serving vegetarian mediterranean cuisine. From pasta chock-full of mushrooms to haloumi salads and risotto, the food here is worth a visit. Plus its location set in a leafy quiet estate is a draw for diners.
Kiku C
DISHONEST: ThE manager tried to smoke (hoodwink) us into ordering more than we wanted, saying we could not share dishes. Hello, if we aren't hungry isn't it more prudent to order less dishes?? Plus it's a Mediterranean restaurant, if you don't want people to share then don't serve Mediterranean!!! Also we were using the Entertainer app here. The rules are clear on the app-- if you have an odd number, you can use vouchers for less people if you want to! Don't listen if the people in the restaurant try to force you to order more.
Bert Chup
Expensive for such small portions although vegetables were fresh. 22 sgd for the Large salad and 8 sgd for a small basket of peta bread is simply too much.
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Original Sin
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43 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-62,Holland Village Chip Bee Gardens, Holland, Singapore 278115
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