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Moni Punct
Best food in town. Cozy and welcoming :)
Ștefan Constantinescu
Excellent cozy little restaurant with Asian-Romanian fusion meals. Nice atmosfere with good music selection. Decent prices and usually fast service. English speaking staff.
Went to this place 2 times: first time it was pretty clear and the service was ok, the food was OK and a lovely experience (do not expect to get out of there with a full stomach because everything is medium to high priced). Second time I went the service was slow, they did not have CURRY in the kitchen (imagine that, and indian influenced kitchen with no curry...!) and the food was so little that we ate and then went to another place to eat again. Do not recommend this place...
Gabriel Huculeci
Very tasteful asian fusion cousine, cosy place, no smoking, perfect place for the family.
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Strada Târgului 10, Sibiu 550195, Romania
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