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Kamat Hotel

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Jayaprakash Aluri
Kamat group maintains quality. I really meant what I said. this is a very good place to eat. Breakfast & lunch varieties are vast and delicious.
Cube git
Good thaali, good service. One of its kind hotels for south indian food.
Chakravarthy Ashok
This place has two different sections, an air-conditioned restaurant and a non air-conditioned restaurant(Sri Rang) with slightly different timings for different cuisines which can be seen in the pictures I posted. The portions are generous and tasty. Kamat Thali is a quick grab if you are looking for typical South Indian meal.
Ri Ra
Good and hygienic. But what I found disappointing was that they gave us maida roti and then tried to convince us it was atta. Being health conscious I know what whole wheat is and what wheat flour is. But still we had. Overall it's a nice place.
lOkEsH KoThA
Good place near by...!! Good food..a.c seating even for family seating. Thaali is good.
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Kamat Hotel
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