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Burger Mel Benavides

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Danny Flies
Wow, what a brilliant place with extremely friendly staff. On holiday in SC, my wife and me are here 3 days in a row because everything was just delicious. Thanks for a wonderfull eating experience!
Bharat Godhwani Ramchandani
If you are looking for a different kind of place to eat healthy and or you are vegetarian this is a very good option to consider. After they have several vegetarian quick bites, also their milkshakes are a must.
David Maicher
Accidentally had a burger at this place. OH MY GOD. To all the people out there saying it tastes good: try a REAL burger with meat!! ;) It will blow your mind after this vegetarian stuff/s**t that tastes like air/nothing. The beer is the only thing deserving the one star.
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Burger Mel Benavides
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