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Jos van der Weele
Nice to have this place in the area. The cupcakes are scrumptious! Coffee is good too. Would be nice if the music was a little louder as the silence can be a little awkward. No biggie though.
Manuel Blonk
A shop with a soul! A very enthousiatic woman who loves the products she sells... It's a great place for vegan's, but also every-one who likes to find a little moment of rest with a coffee and a cupcake, or chocolate or one of the so many other products she sells now a day! You have to visit her (at least once :))
Brooke Fokker
The reason it's a 5-star: The concept is excellent, and it's so great to have a vegan bakery in Rotterdam! The reason it's a 1-star: Of the 8 cupcakes I've eaten from Heavenly Cupcakes over the last year, only one could even vaguely be considered 'fresh'. The rest have likely been sitting there for days and were consequently barely edible. Unacceptable... I would recommend to the store that the freshest cupcakes be indicated... and that old cupcakes be discarded instead of sold!
Here you will find delicious cupcakes, tartes and cakes, without milk or eggs in it, but also gluten, sugar free versions. It is also a small café where you can eat f.i. yummie rolles with vegan cheese and coffee with soymilk. They also sell Wilmersburgercheese, Violife cheese, treats and ice of Professor Grunschnabel, which is Lactose free, gluten free, soyfree & vegan. In fact they have regularly new things you can buy. My favourite is the Persian Love cake.
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Heavenly Cupcakes
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