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Julie Alexander
I've gone here a number if times and will definitely keep returning. There's a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food. There are a number of vegan options for main courses and desserts, and there's always a vegan daily special too!
Jos van der Weele
The burgers were excellent. We tried both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and both were equally tasty and well made. Price was right! The atmosphere was fun as well. The only thing they could improve upon are the sides - very tasty but tiny portions.
Paula pm
All the waiters and cooks are friendly and willing to help. The ambience is very nice, not loud music. About the food and drinks I can only talk about my choices and it took a little long for the food to be served but for me it is okay if the food later is well made. The vegan kapsilon was very tasty and the sauce was nicely made. I could not try the fruit juices because they run out of them but the waitress suggested me a raspberry lemonade that was original and fresh. The only thing they could improve is the vegan dessert which was too sweet and the texture some layers too hard (maybe take some pieces out of the freezer too late), although the base had a nice flavour. And maybe prepare some more of those juices they did not have!
Giulio C.
The ambience is very nice, the burger was average. Good selection of beers. The main issue was the smell of grilled meat and the smoke - the restaurant shall invest in a better ventilation system.
Bas Pleune
The place looks nice, the food is good. The service was absolutely terrible however. Our waiter did not great us, when we finally ordered our drinks it took her forever to bring them (the restaurant was not full and she was just standing around). When our dinner was finally ready she managed to serve the wrong burger to the wrong person. When we were finished she took our plates away without even making eye contact or asking us if she could help us. The Burgertrut has a good reputation and nice food. There are however about 10 burger places in Rotterdam which do manage to deliver the total package. I would advise to go elsewhere.
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