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Bhel Puri House

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Manish Upadhyay
Yukti Gupta
Tripti Tapuriah
My husband and I went to this restaurant for a sunny Friday afternoon street food treat.What we experienced in terms of taste was disappointing. We ordered all chat items in which chutneys play a big part and felt highly let down by what was served to us. The chutneys used were just sour (khatta) and tasteless. The authenticity of Indian street food has certainly been retained however the food offered at the prices charged(very high) is largely dissatisfying. At the end of our meals my husband and I just blankly looked at each other in oblivion and disappointment on our choice of restaurant for our leisurely meal on a day off!
Anoosha R
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience the Bhel Puri House because not only the food was great but the portions were very reasonable. The pani puri was filling but did not look it. One of the best attributes about the Bhel Puri House was the prices which were very reasonable for the amount of food that was provided. However the amount of background noise that their was made dining slightly less enjoyable than it could have been. But the deserts were delicious especially the kulfi which was served quickly. I would recommend Bhel Puri House to anyone who wanted some good quality reasonably priced Indian meals.
Canarias Agusto
Bhel puri is a hard dish to make, getting it right is a proper Indian chefs task. Here they get it 60% of it right. You must try it out to get a taste of famous street food from India!
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Bhel Puri House
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