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Rahul Ajmera
Amazing place to have Vegetarian Italian! Snugly placed in one of the best localities in Pune, it's ambiance is fabulous. We came in a large group on a lazy Sunday afternoon and what a cheese-fest it was! Some of the dishes we ordered: Chocolate Crepes & Waffles - A delight for the kids. Soft and so delectable! Nachos with Cheese - Brilliant starter here. Must-have! Mushroom Cheese Croissant - If you like the ingredients, then yet another must-have! Pane Aglio Burro Formaggio - It is a jargon for Garlic Bread with Butter and Cheese. This delicious starter gets consumed in seconds. Risotto Al Fungi - Decent wine-based mushroom risotto, but more on the bland side. Etnea Pizza - Well made Italian Pizza, on the spicier side with pieces of white Paneer. Siciliano Pizza - One of the recommended pizzas here, which has sun burnt tomatoes and garlic tinge to it. The total billing for 10 people was about Rs. 5500, which is rather reasonable for the excellent food served here. This is surely is one of the top places for a great Italian meal in Pune! Must visit!
Mayur Soni
I visited this place as it was highly rated on different websites. I fail to understand why is it so. Food: Food is highly overpriced and the quality is pathetic. For example, I ordered a starter "Bruschetta Classic" which turned out to be a poor cousin of Masala papad. Service: We were made to wait 30 minutes even though we had a reservation. There was no proper system in place and people who came after us were allowed to take a seat. When I complained about it, the staff promptly offered us a seat. The waiters were in such a hurry that they did not even take 2 minutes to answer our queries. One of the dishes was served in a broken plate. When it was pointed out to the staff, the concerned person was unapologetic and not concerned. Ambience: The ambience is the only saving grace and the sole reason behind my 2-star rating. The seating is cozy and the paintings adorning the walls add to the experience. Price: Located in a very posh area, I expected it to be very pricey and it was so. I did not mind paying so much but I expected the food and service to be of that level as well which it unfortunately was not. Will definitely not visit again.
Sagar Phadtare
Good food and amazing ambiance. Standard has started to slip of late, but still a great place to go in the evenings
Gautam Bishnoi
A must visit for all the foodies..!! Great job by the Dario's team..!! Awesome Italian food and quick service. Really nice peaceful place to have dinner or Sunday lunch.
rakhee rathore
Naice ambience ,and a real italian food,loved the food and drinks.... Its good for dating as well as for casual chitchat.
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