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Tien Hiang

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Khalid Ra
It's a friendly, inexpensive and ridiculously delicious place with only vegan plates (a few vegetarian exceptions are to be found). The only downside is its popularity, it can get VERY crowded and noisy. But patrons here seem nice and friendly, so you maybe want to sit close next to them anyway =)
Martin Scott
A mixed experience. We were lucky and were seated quickly at 20:45 on a Saturday night but it was packed - sardine-tin packed - mounted from behind by the waitress to reach the tables beyond us packed. The couple next to us were close enough that we banged elbows and sadly they eaves-dropped on our entire meal conversation (whilst keeping condiments and cutlery from us). The Vietnamese rolls (bunh cuon) were starchy and a disappointment, but the mains were great - the spicy mock beef particularly hit the spot, and I enjoyed the Vietnamese pancake immensely, though my partner thought it oily. We had a few misunderstandings with a slightly stand-offish waitress, but the waiter that intermittently served us was funny and chatty. Not a clue on how good their English was as we spoke entirely in French, as well as I could understand it. I'd go back, as veggie stuff in Paris is still a challenge, but I would not go at that time again, and I'd steer clear of those rolls. €40 for one starter, three main dishes, rice, and two beers. A fair price for what we got, but don't go there if you want to have a quiet conversation, or a private one!
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Tien Hiang
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