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エル・パンチョ (El Pancho)

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Jeff Mackens
Pretty good ! English menu. Atmosphere is cool. Very much worth the trip! On the 8th floor, might have to look for it a bit.
Joel Wasson
Tastes like what you would expect from Mexican food in Japan. If you are really craving The Mexican flavor then this place may get you by, or you could just buy a can of tomatoes and a slice of cheese. The atmosphere was great however, but I wouldn't go out the way to visit.
Allen van Hellen
Good food, but the service is hit or miss. Was asked not to sit on the same side of the table as my girlfriend, even though no one else was nearby and the place was almost empty. I asked if they could put eggs in my chorizo quesadilla, but they said they don't have eggs. They have eggs. They're just not willing to make extra money and make me happy -- a win-win -- by putting the damn scrambled eggs in the quesadilla (real difficult). Just got my quesadilla, and there's no quac on it like there usually is.
Sam Hashi
Lovely place with lovely food. Staff was friendly and service was fast! The restaurant was full but they opened up a reserve seat for me if I could finish in an hour. Was glad I decided to go for it. Highly recommended.
Carlos de Anda
By far the best and most authentic mexican place that I've seen in Asia. Food is great and the atmosphere is awesome. Real mexican folk music with nice mexican ornaments.
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エル・パンチョ (El Pancho)
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Japan, 〒542-0085 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区心斎橋筋1丁目10-1
Monday 11:30 to 23:30
Tuesday 11:30 to 23:30
Wednesday 11:30 to 23:30
Thursday 11:30 to 23:30
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