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Hotel Vishnu Bhavan

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Gaurav Vaidya
Don't go to this restaurant if you have any other options. We went in at around 10:15 pm. It was dassera season so all the hotels were packed. We were made to sit for 30 minutes. The staff did not pay any attention or even attempt to ask what we wanted to order. After that, we were told to move to other table because they were closing down service of that side of the restaurant. After 5 minutes, they told us to move once more, and after that they straight off told us to leave. Even after waiting for so long we did not get any food, were humiliated and told to leave. We talked to manager and his reply was that the hotel was closed. Then why did they make us wait??? We were treated really badly.
Manish S GOWDA
Brst sweet store and the best service .They advice you to not buy a thing if it is not fresh , they are honest.Try them
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Hotel Vishnu Bhavan
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