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Belindalee Binz
Used to be AMAZING kebabs, would always buy from here. Since changing hands around 3 months ago... HORRIBLE kebabs, the new owners cannot make a kebab to save their lives. Very disapointing.
Marissa Oates
In the last hour my brain cell count has halved.. this is still however twice as many as all the watakebab staff combined! Apparently it was our drivers first day using the roadway system as he was over an hour late.. after several highly repetative and frustrating conversations he finally arrived bearing 3 cold wet flacid kebabs.. our complaints were usless.. the staff at the store have selective english comprehensive.. they never mess up the initial order or payment but when it comes to dealing with a complaint they cant even get they're own names correct.. I just burped and it tasted better!
Craig Featherstone
I enjoy the chicken kebab, didn't think mich of the lamb. Overall, a positivie experience.
Madison Northcott
I'm a kebab lover and absolutely love their food. Everything is perfectly cooked and prepared with fresh ingredients. The delivery time is also good and the staff is friendly.
Adrian Di Virgilio
poor service, loud unbearable music. Stupid blonde manager cracks the wobbles when we ask to have a custom order. rude staff you get better service at McDonald. At least macdonalds get your order right. will not recommend to anyone from my experience. they need to retrain there staff or businesses like this will disappear. food is good service is bad
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Wot A Kebab Mooroolbark
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