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Journey To Bollywood Indian Restaurant

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Doris Li
Terrible service! We walked in and waited patiently to be seated with none of the 4 waitresses 1 waiter acknowledged or made an eye contact with us. Initially we thought they were genuinely busy and couldn't greet us right away, but as other customers continued to be served, waitress continued to be on the phone, empty tables were being cleared one by one whilst many vacant tables were around, our excitement slowly turned to disappointment. When one of the customers gestured to the waitress that we have been waiting for awhile, she just make a hand gesture indicating that we can just wait. We had to walk away eventually. Not a pleasant experience to a Saturday night dinner.
Corey Smith
Love love love - 3 nights in a row and going back tonight.
Leon Ross
Staff very friendly. Butter chicken tasted fine. However some of the chicken pieces wernt properly cooked through at all. Were talking pink, very dangerous! Food poisoning for sure. Im glad I saw it before the kids ate it. Didnt tell them, just finnished and left. wont b going back.
Julie Gerstel
Delicious food, attentive service and a great experience for the whole family. Great with kids.
Ian Smith
Good curries and very decorative atmosphere.
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Journey To Bollywood Indian Restaurant
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