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Pauline Kaushal
Great food, great prices. Authentic South Indian cuisine. Would recommend to friends and family 💟
Peter Wood
Really tasty dosas get one with a filling inside YUM. Spicy mains well judges just right and fragrant as yoid expect. Rice is an overflowing bowl loads to share. Such good prices too. One of the better curries I've had in Manchester
Jezwin Jebanesan
One of the worst restaurants I have ever been in the UK. There was nothing south Indian about this place, neither the food, decor nor the service.
Sofía Larrea Stengele
One of the best Indian restaurants in Manchester. I´m amazed by some of the negative reviews below. The food is truly excellent and I´ve never had a bad experience with the service.
Cassian Menol Razeek
I went there with my wife and both of us got very bad stomach problems next day. My wife couldn't sleep next day due to continued stomach ache. Please be more responsible about what you feed people.
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