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El Vegetariano de Alcazabilla

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Mar Pi
Was really disappointed by this place, and even more so as it was the most money I spent on a meal in my week in Andalucia. While waiting for my order I grew concerned at the number of times I heard the microwave going (never a good sign)... Food was bland and boring. Even the sauce in the vegetables had NO taste whatsoever. One thing is for sure, you couldn't use this kind of vegetarian/vegan food as an incentive for "meat-eaters" to consider going vegetarian!
Vyju Iyengar
Wonderful small restaurant with excellent food at very competitive prices. Great staff, even though they don't speak English, they don't make you feel out of place. Plethora of very atypical and understated but excellent dishes and great drinks. Menu suited for vegetarians, vegans, and celiacs. How good is that?! Just wished they didn't play what was on the radio because it killed the mood of the place. That's the only change they need to make. And it would be nice if the staff didn't smoke right outside with the smell wafting in. Conclusion: would love to come back and eat. Well worth it, very good prices and food. Loved it.
Sukhbir Panesar
Visited this restaurant twice while on my visit to Malaga April 2015. Great menu choice and the food was excellent. The service and hospitality was brilliant. would recommend this place.
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El Vegetariano de Alcazabilla
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