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Elin Aakrann
Cafe Zondag is always the best choice to have a tea, coffee or a good glas of wine. In summer they have a lovely little terrasse. The decoration inside changes constantly, and surprises you every time again. The service is also very friendly. Cafe Zondag should definately be on your to-do-list in Maaatricht!
Gustaf Renman
I've only stopped by for drinks at a few occasions, so I can't speak for their food. The service is decently fast, and the atmosphere is very nice. If it wasn't far away I'd come here more often
Christian Rauschenberg
Just a lovely place.
andrew bennett
Best place in Maastricht! !!
Clyde Li
Th atmosphere and location are all quite good. But service was too slow. It took more than 30 mins to get a drink, 80 mins to get a sandwich.
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