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sian Ayonoadu
Amazing place!! Food without guilt. They have alot of options and each dish ive tasted is amazing.
Marc M
Always busy, always tasty, always great value for money. A super place for vegans and veggies to eat and drink. Huge variety in the menu - go hungry, leave happy. What more is there to add? :-)
Oliver Kahn
Fantastic. If you are vegetarian or vegan, the lunchtime buffet is a must-try
Rachel Gilbert
I like the food here and keep going back because it's vegan. I wish there were more dishes that don't have fake meat in them having never actually eaten meat, I don't feel the need to replace it. It can sometimes get quite busy and the staff do not deal with it well. Sometimes you have to wait 20 minutes to get a menu! A few of the waitresses never ever smile and walk around the restaurant looking at the floor to avoid making eye contact with their customers. Obviously, if they make eye contact, they might have to do something they don't want to do like give their customers a menu or take their order! The food takes ages to arrive (I have waited 45+ minutes before even when they aren't very busy). Then when you've finished they take another half an hour to give you your bill so you can't leave! I am not joking, I've been here probably 25+ times and it's always the same. Shocking service and rude staff but lucky for them London is hugely lacking in vegan options so many people keep going back because there aren't any other vegan Chinese restaurants within a 15 mile radius. The older lady who I assume is the owner is always friendly but still very unorganised and still takes a long time to get to you. It's a shame about the service, this could be a really nice place if they sorted out the useless staff.
Janice Phillips
I ate at Loving Hut last night. I am vegan so not used to going into a restaurant with such extensive choice. It was wonderful, the food was delicious. Most of the staff were nice. One woman was very grumpy. But overall it was a great experience and I shall definitely return with friends and family.
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Loving Hut
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