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Jacketz Leiden

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Magnus Persson
Awesome baked potatoes! Very good food, and varied menu. Many different combinations possible. Only issue is cleanliness, last time the one behind the counter made our food *and* handled the payment, i.e cash etc with gloves on all the time, then why even have the gloves?
Arjen Tjallema
Tasty and relatively healthy take-away. Good food, but for a quite high price. Quality comes at a cost...
Alexandar Mechev
The waitress was attentive and the baked potato was delicious! Add in a great atmosphere and you get a great little restaurant. Will be visiting again:)
Marcos Chimeno
A restaurant based on baked dutch potatoes. That´s the best description posible for a simple place where you can enjoy a big and soft dutch potato stuffed with a tasty selection of stews and meats. The dutch potatoes are famous and here you can understand why for a more than decent price.
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Jacketz Leiden
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