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Waited nearly 2 hours before food arrived on our table. We speacially came from Leeds for disappointing experience. When we complained about waiting time, we were juat given just verbal apology. Food was too expensive when compared to taste and service. Small portions of main courses with little gravy. Do not waste your experience. Spend your time and money for taste somewhere else.
janice crocker
Simple clear flavours
King Monk
beautiful food and service
Geoff Turner
A lovely, friendly restaurant where the staff are more than happy to explain all the subtleties of the many dishes on offer. I am a vegetarian but can't imagine that there isn't enough here to satisfy anyone, whether vegetarian or not. Prices are perhaps slightly high, which may explain why the daytime opening hours seem to be reducing - probably just too expensive to make lunch here a regular option. Try out this restaurant, I guarantee you will not be disappointed
Daniel F
Fantastically friendly staff and amazing flavors. atmosphere was calm and relaxed (which never happens with my family). Looking forward to coming back :-DD
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Mango Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe
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12-14 Bank St, Leeds, Wetherby LS22 6NQ, United Kingdom
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