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Saravanaa Bhavan

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Rizqa Octavira Andini
Really enjoyed indian cuisines here, very recommended, cheap and clean
Kul Sachdev
Expensive food.
Meera Menon
When compared to other Shravaaa Bhavan chain in Hong Kong and Singapore, this place seems to be a far cry from them. They always put garlic in vegetarian food and it really kills the taste of South Indian food. Imagine having garlic in white coconut chutney or imagine having peanuts ground instead of coconut in your white chutney. The cooks seem to be having a mind of their own and not stick to the original Saravanaa Bhavan core recipe values it seems.
Sim Bajaj
Good food and clean. Especially enjoy the mini idlies.
Gurpreet Gurpreet
I went sarwanna bhawan restaurant Frankfurt last year. Good taste, good service, suitable prices. Quality and delicious food. That why second time when I came to first choice was swarnna bhawana but I was disappointed in case of service, staff, taste and prices. Staff didn't attend good. We were wait a long for food. Staff didn't concentrate on us.when food came to us. Quantity was too less comparatively to last time.price are more high.taste was too low. They forgot two times our order we wait a lot. We were so embrassed. According to exceptations it was opposite. Staff were so confused.
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Saravanaa Bhavan
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