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Pod Norenami

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Piotr Mikolajewski
It was our random choice. We picked this restaurant froom google reviews. Had a tase for smth healthy. Restaurant have a pleasent and stylish interior. At the begining you can easily feel the smell of fried oil which wasn't good. Menu was a bit overwhelmed for us.. There was so many positions and tastes which we wanted to choose.. :) Finally we picked coconut soup, two kind of salads and Choya wine. All the meals were delicious, fresh, tasty and mouthwatering :) If you look for something really tasty, healthy, and your prefer Vegetarian, Asian style cusines we recommend this place! At the top of that price level is on moderate level, which place this restaurant on good position. Have a great time in Krakow.
Ugo Burlini
biggest vegetarian/vegan menu I have ever seen. Great quality
Ella Doron
Amazing fusion food, every dish had a unique twist that connects asian food with Polish, I had an amazing vegan meal, my guest who are carnists enjoyed their vegetarian dinners so much they have vowed to come back again and again. Thank you for an unforgettable meal.
Orly Dumitrescu
This place is vegetarian but offers a huge verity of vegan dishes (maybe too many, you can get lost from all the options!). I tried the samosa, spicy tofu, and red rice salad and enjoyed them very much!
St Plum
This has been the most exciting vegan (vegetarian) restaurant in years. Always going back to it when in Krakow. Recommended to vegans, vegetarians and omnivorous.
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Pod Norenami
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Krupnicza 6, 31-000 Kraków, Poland
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