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The Yellow Chilli

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Sourabh Choraria
Great place to hang out
Anurag Dabral
Amazing food quality. Delight for veggies.
soumya majumdar majumdar
Owwwwwwwwwssssmmm........nothing to say....amazing food quality.... And service was excelent... Specially mr saikat ..
Sunderjit Kaur Nanua
I visited here twice.1st time in Oct 2013 then again two months later. Previously I enjoyed food specially that lal musa daal,very tasty. But later visit really disappointed me, I recommended my family and friends and all visited there but it was a disaster the food was contrary then before, no taste at all. Staff is not at all responsible. They don't care if guest is waiting for long time for every serving. After every single serving we were just waiting for next. Ridiculous experience. Recommend all not to take your guest there.
Ravi Agarwal
What a Waste of a restaurant this has become now. After starting off with a decent impression this restaurant has become a total failure. There are no proper staffs and the management has gone from GOOD to BAD to WORSE to WORST. I used to be frequent to this restaurant when it opened and really liked the food despite the exorbitant prices. The management now does not bother about the customer satisfaction. Once you step inside the restaurant there is no proper welcome and once you have placed your order, they bring the food quickly as if it was already kept prepared. The food that comes will not be hot at all and there will be multiple problems such as less or more salt, totally different from what you ate last time, normal food made extremely spicy and vice versa, etc. Also they are in a hurry and take off plates and bowls once you are done eating so that you can leave quickly and they can make others customers sit. When you tell them, they just say it can happen. I mean how can it happen and how can they just say something like that. They do not even try to apologize. I went with my family and other friends yesterday and really got embarrassed in front of my friends when they complained about the food. They told me that they had never tasted such bad food before. The Rotis and Nan that they brought were totally stale and as if they were kept in freezer. They gave me a discount coupon of 10% because my bill was above 2000, which I threw in the dustbin as I have no intention of coming back to this restaurant again. This restaurant has become totally disgusting and the management here is simply destroying the name of Sanjeev Kapoor which I really feel sorry about. I am taking so much time to give such a huge feedback only because I want other people planning to visit this restaurant look at it and avoid it as avoiding it will not only save their money but will also save them from the embarrassment they would have after visiting this restaurant. My advice to the restaurant management : Just having nice ambiance and big space will not work. You need to be sensitive to your customer requirements and listen to complaints. I will be posting this everywhere where yellow chilli kolkata is listed so that more and more users read this and avoid the restaurant. Also,I am going to tell this to each and every friend of mine in office and their friends and also all my friends and relatives and their relatives living in lake town, bangur, dum dum, nager bazar, baguiati and other areas. Please avoid going to Yellow Chilli... There are so many good restaurants around this area.
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The Yellow Chilli
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