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La Carboná

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David Rogerson
Beautiful setting, exciting and innovative food, superbly presented and an extensive collection of sherries and wines. Cannot recomend this place highly enough. SUPER!!!!!
Beth Verdejo
Frédéric Moreau
This restaurant is in an old bodega and looks the part of a smart place to treat yourself. Back home in Paris, this would have set alarm bells ringing. Décor soigné in the dining room usually means the kitchen is an afterthought. But poor food is rare in this part of Andalucía so we threw caution to the wind, urged on by the beautiful cavernous interior. The owners throw the doors open to show off the vast, open plan space and draw in gullible tourists intoxicated by an unwise second fino and the gushing reviews below this one. Well, gush on this, Carboná of Jerez: the food was terrible and the service so bad it stirred pity rather than anger. Granted the Spanish like their steak to rest on the grill a mite longer than the French diner, but my solomillo was so dried out it resembled a meat flapjack. My companion's choice was the almadraba tuna, a dish fondly remembered from happier moments spent in Zahara de los Atunes. Rubbish, chewy meat is one thing, but bad fish is on another level of foul. This restaurant advertises a tasting menu so clearly has certain pretensions. With the tuna, we think they were trying to achieve a mi-cuit/seared effect. This approach requires two conditions to be in place: the grill must be really hot and the fish must be very fresh. La Carboná met neither of these conditions so this fillet was more incubated than seared. Both of these dishes were tasteless (probably a mercy) and were accompanied by a bagged salad with brown fringed lettuce and disgraceful tomatoes. The service ran the gamut from bemused to confused. A succession of blank-faced staff appeared and suggested more wine but did not ask if all was well. They only really sprang into action when trying to relieve a neighbouring party of their desserts before they'd finished. We left after the main dish and no questions were asked about why we'd eaten just a few mouthfuls. I would have requested the libro de reclamaciones but I needed air not an argument with the people that cynically serve up such trash. I hope this review will cost them more money than I wasted.
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La Carboná
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Calle San Francisco de Paula, 2, 11401 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain