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Falafel House

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Alexandar Mechev
Simple yet effective. While not strictly speaking Turkish, the dishes at the falafel house are delicious, healthy and affordable. Their hot sauce is a little vinegary though
Ghenghys gmail
Excellent value. Clean place, good food. The map position is a little off - its's a little further down the street and on the left hand side walking away from Taksim.
Chanakya Mehta
One of the best falafel experiences I have ever had. The hommus is fantastic too. Try it with the ayran.
Anish Shah
Good veg food for great price.
Jay Patel
Good food .. but say vegan and vegetarian but also sell chicken.. people chicken is not vegetarian because it's flash is white! But I like what I ate.
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Falafel House
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Kocatepe, Şht. Muhtar Bey Cd. No:19, Beyoğlu, Turkey