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Hotel Suprabhat

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Naresh Guntoju
This is a pure vegetarian food. Nice and tasty tiffins.
Arun Panchareddy
It has very good breakfast items like Utappa, Dosha, Poori, though chatni is made of coconut is good.
Rohit Kshirsagar
This place was at one point of time a vegetarian's pride. In recent years not only has the food quality nose dived but the hospitality factor is at sub zero levels. No one cares to serve your order in time and any feedback about the food is bluntly ignored. The last meal I had here , I was served rock hard paneer and the manager was unapologetic about it. You can give this a miss and probably try any of the places on either side.
viswanadham kuchibhotla
Horrible and most arrogant stewards.... If you have no other work to do... Go to this restaurant... None bothers who u r n none cares what u want...u should beg to give d order...and wait till u faint to get it...
Venkata Sukumar Gurugubelli
Tiffins(anytym) & fastfood (after 2:00PM)are good...perfect souh Indian..but not hyderabadi taste...! Used to be my regular adda...;)
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Hotel Suprabhat
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