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James Piekos
A really great veggie buffet place with platefulls of food. You can bring your own beer/wine. You have to book in advance. Decor from the 80s.
This was my first experience at an all vegetarian restaurant and I was delighted with it. Mains are served in an all you can eat buffet format with a vast selection, including vegan. Reservation only - It's not open every night as they wait to make sure they can get enough reservations which I think makes the place quite unique, very much like the decor inside... Different! All round good experience.
Gary Sims
We went just before Christmas and we can only recommend Hitchcocks in the highest of terms. We aren't vegetarians but it makes no odds - the food is wonderful as well as plentiful, priced very reasonably, the people who run it are friendly and warm and the atmosphere is great, the place has character. The music, whilst being appropriate and non intrusive did keep sticking a' la faulty CD but that just made us laugh to be honest and the booking procedure takes some getting your head round but its worth it. We are going again soon and bringing people with us. Go because restaurants as good as this shouldn't be missed (we went on a Mexican night - superb).
Sam Dowle
I always feel at home within this restaurant, beautiful food and wonderful staff. They do an amazing job and always go out of there way to help you. I'm actually going again this evening! xxx
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