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Harish Pancholi
Everything you could expect from a vegetarian fast food place run by Indians, from pizza and chips to burgers and cheesecake, and so much more. They also have a good variety of food without onion or garlic. The price is reasonable and it looks pretty decent inside also. Would certainly go back if I was in the area.
Gamer Gurpal
I ordered a pizza from here and it was COLD. I live like 2 roads away and the deliever time is an hour. When i order something from smethwick it goes hot just like straight from the oven. After i rang them and told them this, they put me on hold for 2 minutes and you could hear them discussing what they. Here is what you could hear, "tell them that it comes straight outta the oven." When she said this to me, i told them i live 2 roads away and she stood there thinking what to say. You could hear her saying "umm" and "errr" and THEN she said couldnt do anything about. Never ordering from here, just vegihut.
M Kaur
Good food, but service needs improving - waiting is far too long.
Samuel Anstee
Nice selection of food specifically for vegetarians reasonably priced would recommend
Priya Sidhu
Mr Singhs Pizza is so welcoming and has a lovely atmosphere! The food is never disappointing and has great choice for vegetarians. The staff always have smiles on their faces and are happy to help! I highly recommend Mr Singhs to anyone that asks me!
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Mr Singh's
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