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Restaurante Cor De Tangerina

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Rui Santos
Bom atendimento e excelente preço qualidade
Joseph Lang
Even my brother who despises vegetarian and vegan restaurants, enjoyed his vegetarian meal with sword stuck in the middle of it... No kidding, that was really a small sword stuck in the sriram steak. Food was very good, very pleasant ambience. Best to bathroom door signage ever!
Miguel Angelo MxC
These are dishes with a signature so, comparing with the surrounding alternatives or not, this is one place that you will not feel indifferent about. Besides the good cuisine, you'll get to taste a little bit of history, so it is a great opportunity. Friendly, informative and quite fast service.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
There are people who come from different parts of Portugal just to eat in Guimarães. Most of those people are probably thinking of the traditional fish and meat dishes that indeed the town does very well. But what they probably don't know, is that one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country is located right there outside the castle. Not only is the food fantastic, the ambiance is so zen I did not want to leave. I want to hang out there as often as possible and I think you will too. Whatever you choose from the menu, do yourself a favor, top it all off with the tocinho do ceu dessert along with a traditional Moscatel.
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Restaurante Cor De Tangerina
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