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Dan Ionita
Don't come here for the decor. Come here for the authentic, delicious Swedish food served by awesome friendly staff. No need to worry about booking either, it is usually quite empty (I think people get put off by the entrance; the restaurant area is not so bad). Just sit down, order the elk carpaccio and take it from there.
James Governor
we had a great time. we had booked koka at the last minute, only to arrive and feel entirely out of place, because we had kids. tasting menus and children don't mix so well. so we were advised to try Smaka instead. it was awesome. friendly, helpful staff. for example i asked for a cocktail which turned out to be too sweet. i was mildly grumbling/hoping my wife might drink it, when the barman overheard, and came over with the same drink, but with more lemon and less sweet. perfect. the starters were really tasty, and all about Sweden. amazing home-baked bread, gluten free too. the kids had meatballs, with skinny fries because they don't like mashed potatoes. you get the picture. it's not the sleekest maybe, but it's good tasty food served by people that care. try it!
Jeremiah Foster
Smaka is a tried and true favorite for those from out of town looking for Swedish food.
Olav Slupphaug
Mediocre food, extremely long time to wait for the food, no attention from the waiters...not returning
Christopher Martin
Smaka doesn't do itself any favours with its deco, I think the bar side looks a bit rundown but fortunately we were there for the food so got to move to the restaurant side. The food was simple but filling and reasonably priced, the house wine was decent and complemented the food well. The only unwelcome surprise was the astonishing price of the akvavit which at 120 sek (£12) cost as much as my main. They have a big board with no prices labelled, I should have asked but was expecting around 70 sek. So a great place to eat but make sure you ask the price of anything not labelled!
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