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The South Indian Frederiksberg

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Morten Bak
Love this place, I've been once and it's was Great experience and I will surely come back again. We had no problems at all, the staff was friendly and the food tastet really good. Highly recommend checking it out.
B.P. Emma
Not that great, and waaaaay overpriced. Only good thing is the large beers..!
Nabonita Dey
Authentic south indian flavour, best quality food, perfect ambience and very helpful and friendly staffs. A visit to this restaurant is must. A long list of menu for you to choose and each one of them brings a special authetitic mouth watering flavour.
Kristofer Ek
This is it! Authentic south Indian food! No compromise, the real deal! Finally a place to enjoy real dosa, idli, vadai, sambar etc.
Narasimha Raghavan
The food is really good and very close to authentic Indian taste. The dosas are specially prepared fresh and it tastes very good. This is my third visit and I have never seen an Indian restaurants in Copenhagen where I had to wait for 30 mins for a table. Way to go The South Indian
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The South Indian Frederiksberg
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