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The Chequers

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Justin Dwyer
Excellent food and excellent Jazz :)
K Kay
We recently visited the Chequers in Fordham and were pleased with the standard of the food. We really enjoyed the food although a bit on the salty side. I have to admit, one thing really put us off; the waitress came with the tray of food and the dish of rice was just sitting on top the naan! Lets hope the bottom of the dish was clean! Won't be coming back.
Tim Raby
Excellent service and great Indian food accompanied by a mellow jazz band on a Sunday night. Recommended
Tony Stradivarius
This used to be a really good restaurant. However, we went there last night and it was dreadful. It was full of loud, over-bearing people and because there are no curtains or carpet, the noise was intolerable. The menu was certainly Indian, but the food appeared to have come out of tins, without a hint of authentic spices or flavour. The garlic chicken consisted of over-large lumps of unidentifiable white meat in a bland sauce - where was the garlic? The mushroom korma was just chopped white mushrooms in an over-sweet, tinned coconut sauce. The rice and poppadums were OK, but really nothing special. I think the owner has moved abroad, so I guess the staff are working to a budget. If so, it's not working. Sorry.
Dean Cox
Its a little gem. !! Foods out of this world. Try the chequers special
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The Chequers
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58-62 Carter St, Fordham, Ely CB7 5JT, United Kingdom