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Chenrezig Institute

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Shanti Padme
This is one of the most spiritually infused places in Australia. One feels more at peace just being there. It is lush and beautiful for the eyes and nourishing for the heart/mind. A rare and precious sanctum of serenity and clarity in a crazy, mixed-up world. A true external refuge for the inner journey to become of primary importance. My favourite place.
Andrew Hibberd
the institute will be reviewed in good time by those who have the intelligence to review good luck to zopa and geshe jaymyang and his brother the venerable jampa wangdu , its not a race the moment is the destination breathe out then breath in again and know you
Lisa schott
favourite place in the world. ambience is peaceful and beautiful, stuff is absolutely friendly and food is really delicious. good teachings and retreats.
Carmel Aumend
Peaceful, calming, beautiful. Delicious vegetarian food and. lush tropical surrounds, looking forward to my next retreat.
Jeff Joseph
It is so beautiful up there. The food is good value without being restaurant standard.
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Chenrezig Institute
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