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Mongo's Restaurant Düsseldorf

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prashanth nair
Try the unique mongolian cuisine here. Apart from some A la carte options, they have a buffet option, where you are pretty much responsible for the taste of what you eat. Choose the ingredients, including vegetables, meat, salt, spice and then choose the curry for the saute. They serve a really large glass of fruit juice, if you order one. Try all sorts of exotic meat, including kangaroo, camel, zebra etc. A La carte menu also has insect starters, if you dare to!
Giuseppe Scapeccia
Enjoyed the concept of the restaurant, the atmosphere and the very friendly personnel. Food quality is good, yet not striking. Hence the missing star. Definitely, a place try at least!
Waled Almuzallam
I like the Idea whene you choose your own food ingredients then give it to the chef to cook it. prices are accessible, excellent service. I would recommend it strongly.
Adham Sherif
Fun and creative
Andrey Vladimirovich
Fun restaurant with attractive feature: you can choose variety of products and they will be cooked as you wish! + soup + desert for 23€ ! Next time I'll come here again.
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Mongo's Restaurant Düsseldorf
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