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Héctor Naves Sordo
The anchovies are delicious, really recommended. The "Today's special" (Pork with kale and tender wheat) was so-so.
Niklas Pivic
The 7-course meal (adapted for myself being a vegetarian) was very well-cooked, and quite inventive. I'd never made a beet tagliatelle with dried olives myself, for which I was most grateful. The salty chenin blanc wine went well with the dishes, as did the great texture of the accompanying bread. The place is quaint and made me think of places I've been in Neukölln, Berlin, in a great way. The staff was quite attentive but without loving attention, which is sorely missed. The food, though, was very good indeed.
chris pritchard
Simple but really beautifully cooked food. It's a limited but regularly changing menu with an excellent wine list. Brilliant service.
Roozbeh Shafafy
Had a delightful meal here one evening. Advise to book ahead. Simple but delicious courses on a non choice menu. Nice selection of wines. Cosy feeling restaurant. Staff were very friendly. Highly recommend you try this place.
Anton Boman
Excellent flavors, local ingredients, biodynamic wine. First dish was cucumber with seaweed powder with a very light wine, had it ended there it would have been a 2 star rating. But it didn't, it ended with brilliant biodynamic meat, roasted pumpkin and excellent kale with apple cream. I highly recommend Manfred & Vin!
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