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Sathyan S
Just another average faring restaurant in Coimbatore. Dishes served here do not have any Mouth Watering element which makes you come back often. Ambience is also not great. Rates are also bit on the higher side. And I must say I was not satisfied with the time they took to serve the dishes. There is scope for plenty of improvement.
Suresh Kumar
I visited with my team (15) on Nov 1st week. After watching reviews, i was expecting hyderabad biriyani atleast 50 % taste. Worste biriyani i ever had. they are totally spoiling the Hyderabad Bawarchi name. If you are really looking to have Hyderabad biriyani by watching Bawarchi name in Coimbatore, you will disappoint 100 %. The waiting time too worse, we waited around 1/2 hr per dish. There are so many things which i can't explain here. I suggest better not go... even i don't visit again.
Susith Kumar
My uncle lives in TV Samy Road backside and hence, I come to know this place from the day of opening, Two times I have been to Bawarchi, first time was about 1 year back and second is last week . I went there to exclusively fulfil my tandoors and Chinese items. Both times, and as far as I remember both times very similar. Well cooked chicken and fish, perfectly spiced. If I was a resident there at Coimbatore, I would probably rave about this place more and more for their tastes.
Sugu R
Really fantastic food in coimbatore,gone with friends(12) we all will give rank in top for BAWARCHI,,what a diverse menu and good ambience service is very friendly.They proved themself a real Master chef..dont miss Kung pho kai,Muzhu fish,and many
Vijay Duraisamy
Good place and nice food. Staff is very friendly and the food arrived fresh n hot. Thoroughly enjoyed from starters to main course as there was no space for dessert. However kadai veg curry was too spicy. We were pure veg on the day so will visit again to see how good are the non veggie section :)
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