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Rich Foster
Almost didn't visit based on previous lukewarm reviews. Really glad we took the risk. Warm welcome and great service throughout. Excellent tapas (lamb a highlight). Smoked prawns ok (all eaten! ) but alioli not to everyone's taste. Excellent desserts and great espresso. Very good indeed!
John Buchanan
if you like leaving your restaurants smelling of the kitchens and eating overpriced non authentic food, then this is the pace for you. Lovely setting by the waterside and excellent waiting staff, but that is all that can recommend it. A very disappointing experience that I shan't repeat.
Beth Webster
My partner and I first found this place in autumn two years ago. They didn't have any tables available inside so we sat outside - they provided us with blankets. It was so lovely! I had pheasant as I'd never tried it before and it was so tender and tasty. Their chef also liked to mix drinks so invented a hot cocktail for my partner which was brilliant. I swore to go back. Sadly, upon returning, I wasn't so impressed. They've set up an ugly marquee next to it which spoils your view - such a shame as it's a really beautiful setting and a cute little building. Oh, there's also ample parking nearby (next to the SS Great Britain). The food was just ok this time. I ordered steak but it came cooked very unevenly - medium one end and basically raw at the other. They also tell you it doesn't really come with anything so we ordered chips (not cheap) but in fact it came with a large sweet potato croquette and whole grilled tomato with pancetta wrapped around it. Very tasty but rendered the chips to be a little too much. The chips also came out well after our meal so we'd almost finished by the time they arrived. Not sure what happened there. Two courses, one side and one round of cider for two people set me back £80. For that I really think they could do a lot better. Oh and they also stick a 'discretionary' 10% onto the end of your bill. I always tip anyway but I found that extremely rude.
Trish McGrath
We went to the Olive Shed on Sunday 29th June 2014. I'd been there before and shared a seafood Platter with my friend last year - we had prawns, mussels, squid, anchovies, crab, white fish and other bits and it was great -it came with bread, lots of delicious tastes, lots of food for two hungry people loved it - cost about £20 for the platter - excellent value for money. This time three of us ordered the seafood platter to share and there was only a tiny soft shell crab, six anchovies, a piece of cod and a small pepper stuffed with mackerel. The board it was served on was small and the space between the meagre portions and very poor selection was filled with a miserable handful of salad. there were three very small pieces of bread with it. I thought it was a rip off - where had the lovely mixed platter gone? I felt very disappointed. It was tasty but definitely not value for money at all. we had to order extra bread and were still hungry, yet we'd paid over £50 (including drinks) and were not full. I wont be eating there again. We felt ripped off and unhappy. We should have gone to a pub instead. Such a shame for a formally good eatery to scrimp on portions and alienate former customers. And when did it become ok to serve drinks in a washed out jam jar? the lip on it was thick, not made for mouths but for lids. This may be a trendy idea - obviously someone there thought it would be cool but its not. Glasses are easier to drink from and not that expensive. When I said that I wanted a glass instead of a jam jar the waiter smirked and gave me a look as if to say that I was boring, 'get with the fashion you uncool person'. If I dont want to drink from a thick lipped jam jar, I shouldn't have to put up with bad attitude from the staff. Not the sort of service I expect at all. What happened to accommodating customers? Not cool at all.
Marc Rivers
Patchy service, but great tapas at a reasonable price. Recommend 5 dishes plus bread for 2 ppl. Venison & chorizo stew, pork bavettes and goats cheese in filo pastry all superbly done.
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The Olive Shed
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