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samantan harver
The restaurant was quite cold ...waited over an hour for food. Waited at least 30 mins before we even got a waiter to take our order. This place will try your patience but is it worth the wait ...... Ummmmm no is the answer. We ordered a masala dosa and a taali. The masla dosa did not have any masala and the potato filling was more like a mashed potato. The sambhar was more like soup. It was so watered down. The taali was a bit of a joke. The raita was just yoghurt and there was a daal, saag paneer, rice, naan oh and a salad... So I presume the raita is diy lol. Final verdict it was ok but won't come again... I don't think this place will last .. My advice is don't take the piss ... Customers expect quality for the price I wouldn't say I had that. The owners need to ask themselves if some one gave you what we ordered for what we paid would you be happy and say you got value for money. My answer to that is big NO!!!
Amrita Jazzmyn
Been there twice. First it was busy, cosey, good food, slow service. Second time it was almost empty, we didnt't get what we ordered, felt very unwelcome, poor and slow service, unfriendly, food was okay. Wouldn't go there again.
Chi Sa
Great food! Me and my friends always eat there. Awesome food!
Alpesh G
Had a meal at the Shambhala Village on Friday. The staff always make you feel very welcome and comfortable. We had the buffet which is excellent value for money. I love the choice of dishes - the food is always delicious and hot (and spicy too sometimes!) Finished off with a oreo milkshake as is always the case. The waiters are lovely and enjoy a bit a laugh and a joke with you. I thoroughly recommend the Shambhala Village for a decent Indian meal
aarati k
Great Pure Veg restaurant in Birmingham. Lovely variety off dishes and value for money. Service was friendly and professional. Really enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back.
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Shambhala Village - Pure Vegetarian
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