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New Krishna Sagar Vegetarian

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Sparrow Sparrow
Bad experience. The young cashier exhibited very bad behavior.
Aditya Ayodhya
Food wise: Excellent. Good food at affordable price. Ambience, amenities: Poor. It's a darshini with a twist. You get fast food as well as North Indian dishes here. But no seats to enjoy it! Eat it standing!
vinayak patil
Its ok for occasional lunch. Bit crowded during peak time.
Prateen Kumar
Horrible experience. Once went there for lunch and unfortunately I did not have change and therefore presented a hundred rupee note while buying the token at the cashier, but to my surprise the cashier rudely said he does not have change and asked to either get the change or get the hell out of there! Pathetic behaviour.
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New Krishna Sagar Vegetarian
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