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Sarah De Hondt
We discovered this restaurant with a Groupon voucher: 50 euros p.p. for a 6 course dinner. This was actually also the maximum value, since our dining experience was quite disappointing and didn’t have the Michelin Star level that it should have. The restaurant is pretty big and when we arrived we saw the maitre just for a second. The rest of the staff was friendly, but unexperienced. The food was good, not amazing. But a serie of events turned our dinner into an disappointment. - They forgot to serve one of our starters and served it twice to the table next to us. - We had to wait till our main course for the bread to arrive, which is obviously pointless by then. - One of the wines we ordered was served after the dish was served, so we could not enjoy the taste of the wine and the pairing with the food to its fullest. This is a pity when you know a glass of wine costs around 9 euros. - We also didn’t have a knife and fork when our main course arrived, so we had to wait till it was brought to our table. In the meanwhile our food was getting cold. - There was hardly any information about the cheese we ordered for dessert. The cheeses were just described as brie, goat cheese,... Mistakes can happen, but this series of events gives me the impression that this restaurant likes to communicate that it has a Michelin Star, but forgets to put efforts in keeping it.
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