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tibits Basel

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Kate Tucker
Good vegetarian food with interesting combinations
Alexander Ball
Very nice buffet food. All vegetarian or vegan. Ok atmosphere but it feels too expensive for what it is
Phil Mannas
The presentation was very noble and the restaurant is modern and clean. A large choice in the variety of food was available such as salads, hummus, bulgur, rice, noodles, tofu dishes, spring rolls, jalapenos cheese in batter, guacamole, desserts. The staff were friendly but there is no table service. Generally the food was completely bland and tasted like canteen food: specially prepared so everyone can eat it without complaints because of spiciness and saltiness. The food is also extremely expensive and is measured per weight of the plate. For a normal portion i payed Sfr. 32.- and I wasn't full with a beer that costed Sfr. 8.90.-. If you are an organic food person I have to say only some of the foods such as eggs, milk and wheat were organic. Generally, I don't recommend eating here unless you are bringing your better half and she/he wants to eat vegeterian food (which can taste awesome if your prepare it well speaking as a non-vegetarian).
Roland Bellwald
My favourite place to be and have something small to drink or eat
Avner Pinchover
Good food, very well labeled (gluten, lactose, spicy, etc.) Prices are high, and that's a pity, because I think that part of the vegetarian philosophy should be also being more considerate in these things. Otherwise, the only thing that bothers is that the tap water is upstairs.
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