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Lewis Saunders
First review I've written for a food place, but the pizza's so good here I felt compelled to. Myself and my partner have ordered from this place five times now, and each time the pizza has been fantastic. Hot, fresh and delicious. Basically the opposite of the larger pizza chains out there. I order the vegan pizza's (though I'm not a vegan ). You wouldn't blame some for thinking vegan pizza suffers in some way for not including dairy or meat - but I've found the opposite is true. As a guy who loves meat, I'm going to continue order the vegan pizza's from Pepenero because it's just that good. Bottom line, if you're looking for great pizza, made with fresh ingredients that arrives hot to your door, get it from here. Best pizza I've had.
issi houghton
Delicious pizza! I first went to Pepenero with my family and we are all fairly critical of food. However, we thoroughly enjoyed our pizza, having ordered a variety of different types (vegan, veggie and meat). We had a lovely time and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. The seating area had a diner sort of theme to it, nothing fancy but cosy and laid back. I am looking forward to eating there again.
Carl Oaks
Sadly the same story as others. Waited 1h 45mins, and when I called up, a terse and rude woman on the phone. Disgraceful. When questioned could only say they were on the way, which clearly was not the case. They allow us to keep the cold pizza, which was better than going hungry at tea time. Delivery driver was polite and kind.
Anneli Bale
Wont even give it 1 star. The pizza took 2 hours to come. it was cold, chewy and resembled dog food in both appearance and taste. The woman was incredibly rude when i rang up politely to explain how disappointed we were with what we had gotten, thinking that there must be some mistake however i was offered no apology and advised in future that i pick something better off the menu. Such horrible customer care I can understand a shit pizza but don't make out like its my fault.
Sarah Muston
We ordered the lasagne, cannelloni and garlic bread, and although the food tastes alright, the portions were not worth £7.50 or £6.95 and they were just dumped into the takeaway boxes making them look pretty miserable. The garlic bread was tough and chewy, and they'd run out of chocolate cake so we didn't receive that either. Really annoyed that we spent almost £18 on a pathetic meal, won't order from there again.
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