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Chris Eelen
Great place to eat, although it has gotten a bit expensive lately, or so I feel. Every dish is prepared freshly so it's possible you finished your main course while somebody else hasn't even gotten theirs. I feel this is a cheap excuse, but it doesn't matter because the food is great. It's designed in way to resemble those Japanese roadside eating places, the ones you might see in older pictures or movies, or anime/manga. Not sure if it's still the same these days. The tables look a bit like picnic tables, but much easier to sit on (you can even hang your coat underneath them). The only downside to this is that you could be seated over someone you don't know. Which, on the other hand, is a good opportunity to meet a friend. If you are finished with eating you could always go to a movie as the restaurant is placed inside the moviecomplex. Don't forget to use the free toilets however, since you have to pay outside of the restaurant.
Andreas Feldschmid
Really great noodles. Have to try it again some time.
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