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Hans Vermeeren
I think the closest you can get to 'normal' Indian food, with a regular menu but more important - with a cheap, vegetarian all you can eat buffet! There you can chose from some 10 dishes (not indicated how spicy, so that might be a surprise). Very good, very nice!
Joshua Schär
place doesnt really look nice, but it was a good eat. you can have a 10€ buffet all you can eat. the yoghurt drinks fit very well to the medium spicy food.
Matt Aliberti
We loved this place, so much we went twice. The staff is so nice. We got the buffet both times, its unlimited for 10 euros. All vegetarian, its very fresh. Highly recommend Aahaar.
don signor azadi
Much better Indian restaurants on the same road. This one I would avoid
Ajay Kumar
Real Indian food - cooked at home - not in a restaurant. Really amazed at how busy it was and how high the percentage of Europeans were in there. The owner appears to be very kind and the service was very efficient. The buffet was very good specially the mixed yellow lentils. The food was not spicy at all and I relished every bite of it - reminded me of home.
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