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Surya Restaurant

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VĂ­ctor Pena
We went there with a group of about 25 people. They literally had us sitting and waiting for the food for an hour without any appetizers, only drinks, and on demand. Food was very tasty, but nothing special. But then again waiting easily for 40 more minutes to get dessert: ice cream. Again nothing special, and no preparation required. I honestly don't exaggerate when I say we spent almost 4 hours for just a main dish and dessert. Food was tasty but average, and the time we had to wait to be served extremely long. In my opinion, simply unacceptable.
Radhika B.Hari
Ambiance: The restaurant atmosphere was beautifully done. With very good taste in art. Service: The service was decent. Had to wait a bit longer, every time we had to place an order for the next course of meal. Food: Food was average. Less in quantity and very high priced Over all , we had a nice time except at a higher cost.
Malin Johansson
Best Indian food in Europe! And on top of that its a realy cozy place, the personal is superfriendly and the portions are huge. Recomended! They also let you take home the leftovers (witch is about two 3rds of the food) and you can order extra naanbread to take home -Awesome!
Slavik Bialik
Great place with an awsome variaty of delicious meals!
Zoran Saint-Simon
Great food and very friendly service. The beer from the tap is Estaminet. For an Indian restaurant to serve Estaminet is amazing. Lots of attention shown to both the drinks and food. Definitely would recommend.
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Surya Restaurant
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