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Connor Wright
Manamana is a small local place in the cool inner-city suburb of Die Pijp, cosy, with talented staff, and above all clever and delicious Israeli-influenced food. Dining alone, I was seated at the bar to watch the action and decided to order based on sight, instead of the menu.The scallops with fresh tomato and sage sugo and ruby grapefruit, draped in a subtle white wine jus, were a standout - perfectly cooked, with utter justice done to the sweet flavour of the scallops. For main course, I ordered the special of rib-eye steak with wild mushrooms and a sticky dark jus of red wine, sour cherries and balsamic vinegar. Hearty and rich on a brisk spring evening, the meat fell easily to my knife, testament to the quality of the cooking. And the tang of the sour cherries and vinegar balanced the earthy mushrooms, adequately matched to an easy Sicilian red wine. Manamana was everything I love about dining - simple food, cooked well, with clever flavours and a clear understanding of the ingredients, all served without pretense or airs. It is hands-down my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam to date.
David Leonardi
Israeli cusine made with love. Why? The cooks are italian! The food here is simply amazing, and the wine served with it is great as well. The athmosphere is a casual chic one, and I've seen girlfriend groups to romantic couples dining here. The daily suggestions are fantastic and you have to try the psychedelic broccoli!
Efsevios Kontopoulos
Some of the best food we've had in amsterdam :) also great service!
Chloé Broughton
Delicious middle eastern food cooked right in front of you ! As long as you enjoy garlic you will love it. Spécial call out for the fried polenta with spinach.
William Lam
love the baba ganouch, kebab and lamb.
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Mana Mana
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