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Eat At Jo's

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Alex Blackwood
Really good food and friendly service. I challenge you to find better, especially in this area. Highly recommended
Frank Davis
The food is decent and the staff is great. Just be sure you go for diner as the lunch menu is made up of only sandwiches. We had a vegetarian in the group and we were accommodated very nicely.
Rodger Werkhoven
Don't try to get in through the entrance of Melkweg CLUB, but walk around it and look for it at Marnixstraat, at 409. It's next to the Melkweg GALLERY and worth finding out its exact location. I've been here a few times with my friends -musicians- from the music scene and I loved it. The lady servicing us seems to be American and has a hilarious sense of humor. The food is all deliciously self made and fresh. Their vegetarian and especially vegan dishes are fantastic! I'm not a vegetarian, but I just love their vegan dishes! So tasty and creative!
Antonio D'souza
Although we checked with the owner to make sure this place was actually open before going to Amsterdam, we were never able to actually find it! Either the address is wrong or they need better signage...
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Eat At Jo's
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